Our Story

Who we are?

We’re an Australian family owned label dedicated to designing and creating beautiful 100% Organic Cotton baby wear.

Bellababy passionately supports all Fair Trade Practices and our 100% pure Organic Cotton is GOTS certified. Before our range was produced we visited India to observe all stages of production; from the organic cotton farms where the cotton is handpicked and harvested without the use of harmful chemicals, to the manufacturing and processing procedures assuring us with confidence that our baby wear is produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

How can you help us make the world better?

Organic cotton production promotes a system of sustainable agriculture by using the methods of crop rotation which enhances soil quality, restores nitrogen and organic components and absorbs carbon, which helps fight global warming.

Healthy soil is the bedrock of all successful organic farms.

By applying such natural methods organic farmers encourage biodiversity. Experienced organic farmers have learned over many decades that combining multiple crops is the best way to promote soil health and to fully utilise the available rainfall and sunlight.

The switch to organic cotton growing is a major step in improving the lives of these farming communities. All natures resources are precious, though none are as precious as our babies.

Growing organic cotton ensures that farmers, their families and their livestock are not exposed to toxic chemicals. Acute poisoning from pesticides is commonplace in conventional cotton production. Suffering is most severe in developing countries where poverty makes people more vulnerable either due to lack of understanding of the risk, illiteracy or insufficient protective measures.